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The Best Travel Apps in 2018

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According to a report by Lonely Planet, around 137 million people in the USA alone use travel apps each month!

There are literally thousands of travel apps to choose from – figuring out which are the best can be a headache! So we asked around our agents and clients on their favorite apps to use overseas.

Have some you’d love to see on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Viking Voyager

Viking Cruises’ go-to app is all about enhancing your experience onboard. Guests can book dinner, shore excursions, and spa appointments—all on their phone! Access the daily program so you always know what’s going on in every corner of the ship. Read up on your ports of call, and be gently reminded when you should be back onboard. You can even watch the cruise TV on your phone.

Viking Art Guide

Did you think Viking Cruises had just one app? Think again. Perfect for art lovers, the Art Guide illuminates your cruise with details on the artwork, public spaces, and décor of the ship with a self-guided audio experience. Learn about the Bayeux Tapestry along the ship’s eight decks. Discover the unique photography that adorns the walls at Manfredi’s restaurant. Enjoy insightful commentary from artists, designers and curators, plus description of all 36 public spaces.


Mootvit is a subway/transit guide with live time updates. With schedules and maps of 80+ countries worldwide, this is the perfect app to survive the wild chaos of London, Edinburgh, Sydney, Athens and more.


Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of an overseas data plan. Or maybe you just want to get offline for the day. Citimaps2go offers offline maps to navigate those tricky streets, even when you don’t have a reliable connection.

XE Currency Converter

For years, XE has been a favorite resource for international travelers. It converts USD to every single currency in a second—necessary for those haggling markets or souvenir shops.

Aurora Forecast

Northbound? If your winter travels take you to the poles, don’t miss your chance at one of the greatest sights in the world—the aurora. This forecast app is a definitive resource in predicting aurora sightings.

WhatsApp or Skype

If you want to stay in touch with back home, either of these applications are a must. Skype is great for voice or audio connections, whereas WhatsApp delivers the message straight to your loved ones’ phones.

WIT Agent Tip!: WhatsApp can also make phone calls—just be sure to download the app on your phone while your USA SIM card is installed. The number you register the app in, stays with the app, regardless of what foreign SIM card you use later on. This is also the number the app will send a message to for verification. For example, if you want to associate whatsapp with your American number, it will send a verification message to your American number. (if you have a Malaysian sim card in your phone and you’re trying to set up whatsapp to associate with your American number, it won’t work because you won’t receive your verification code.)

Google Translate

Carry a virtual translator wherever you go. It has many added benefits, like a downloadable option so you have the language dictionary always at your fingertips, even offline. With some languages, you can even hold the camera over text in the real world, and the app translates it for you. It can even translate (with varying success) complex writing systems like Japanese Kanji.

Apple Wallet

Only available to iPhones, the Apple Wallet is a handle organizer for all sorts of tickets and cards, meaning coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, public transportation tickets, loyalty cards. I’ve found this huge as I don’t need to sift through my papers or my photos to find a boarding pass—I get it instantly, when I want it, where I want it.

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5 Fun Travel Apps for Your Upcoming Trip

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FlightAware is a super useful flight tracker app. Keep track of flights with live tracking maps, flight statuses and airport delays. Covers most airports, general commercial flights and in some cases, private charters.



TouchNote is a fun app that you can use even when you’re back at home. Send printed postcards with your own travel photos from the convenience of your laptop! The app will send out personalized postcards or greeting cards with a custom message and your latest shots from the Eiffel Tower.



Here’s a unique travel app that comes in handy when you’re out under the stars. Point your phone or tablet at the sky, and it will tell you all the stars and constellations in your view. It’s awesome for photographers and amateur astronomers. A fun app to share with the kids.



Not a travel app exclusively, but so useful when you’re on the road! Take your bookshelf with you with the kindle reading app. Download your favorite book onto your kindle, phone or tablet to read on the plane, train, or on those long car drives through Europe!


XE Currency Exchange

I’ve been using for years now. This handy-dandy exchange app is an intuitive way to keep track of various currencies. I found that it’s super invaluable when traveling, especially on multi-country trips. Haggling in a street market in Morocco or Laos? Just whip out your phone for a quick exchange. Plus you don’t even need to connect to wi-fi to check rates! New features include an alert when a rate hits a pre-set target.


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