Hi Nancy!… You did a marvelous job getting us from place to place.  We liked our hotel in Great Neck and had a trip down memory lane visiting Dave’s Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy.  And the Intercontinental hotel was centrally located and very clean and comfortable.  (we didn’t bring a laptop and our only complaint was it cost per minute to use the three computers)   “The Book of Mormon” was out of this world – must be very liberal to really enjoy it!!    And “Jersey Boys”  Wow!!!  So neat to see them in small theaters.  We managed to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, visit the World Trade Center Memorial, take the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, went to the top of the Empire State Building – would advice 86th floor is high enough and better view because of being outside rather than looking through a window, and walked all through Central Park.  I absolutely loved Times Square and when we walked both ways to both plays we spent a hour or so each evening there people-watching.   One night we ate at Rockefeller Center.  Streets were so crowded and noisy so glad to get back to Oregon, but we sure enjoyed the experience. We bought the $29 subway pass and zipped around the city many times each day.  Fabulous weather – about 75 each day except one rainy day.  Thanks again, Nancy.

The Dents

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