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Agent Profile: Linda Fisher


Our industry has changed and evolved dramatically over the years with the onset of computers, the internet and a much more complicated world.”

Linda Fisher has worked with WIT for over 30 years. She lived in Germany during her junior year of high school as an AFS exchange student. After a life-changing trip traveling with her family over 7 months around the world, she caught the travel bug! Years later, she was hired as a travel agent in Medford. “Back then, all the fares were in huge tariff books that had to be updated every week. And we had airfares memorized to all the popular cities. They would remain the same price for months! Things are a bit different now.”

What trends do you see in travel?

The trends I am finding are more multi-generational and experiential travel.  Many who come in are looking for those special life enhancing trips to places they have always wanted to go.  And many want to give back to the communities they visit around the world.  I am amazed at how well-traveled young people are and how they are interested in going to all corners of the world.

What are some of your favorite trip memories?

The family trip around the world in 1969 has to be on top….what I saw then could not be repeated today.  We were traveling when few Americans were and we experienced undeveloped and exciting places.   My husband and I have loved so many of the trips we have taken over the years, but being on a sailing ship in Tahiti, a small boat in France during the WWII anniversary celebrations, Colorado River rafting trips and exploring the south of France were all highlights.  I have a long list of favorites.

What’s still on your bucket list?

A lot of what I want to do now is within the USA. I love seeing places that I’ve neglected until now because they were too close to home. Traveling the east coast and the south appeals to me, and I’d love to continue to explore the West Coast and Hawaii in depth. Central America is a draw – I would love to take my husband to Colombia, where I traveled with other agents last year.

What are some of the tips you pass on to your clients?

  • Travel insurance is definitely a must.
  • Don’t try to pack too many different countries into one trip. It is better to savor one spot rather than being on the move too much.
  • Enjoy the experiences with a positive attitude!

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Agent Profile: Pam Davis

Dubai 037

I think that I’ve always been in travel in one way or another.  I inherited wanderlust from my father – my earliest memories are taking road trips across the country, visiting all 48 states and nearly every Canadian province before I was out of grade school.  I’ve now had the opportunity to set foot on every continent but Antarctica.  My first job in the travel industry was working for a small agency in Walla Walla, Washington starting in 1978, then having the good fortune to be hired by Willamette International Travel when I moved to the Portland area in 1985 where I’ve been ever since.

When people ask me my favorite place, I generally say “the next one.”  That’s pretty much true – I love researching and exploring new places.  I have wonderful memories of just about every place I’ve been, but the standouts are East Africa and India.  I still have lots on my bucket list – Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar are definitely places I’d like to visit, along with some of the Eastern European countries I haven’t yet seen.

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