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Concluding our week-long journey into little known destinations of Asia, let’s take a look at Bhutan. As Christina mentioned in last winter’s newsletter, Bhutan is enticing precisely because it is an unattainable mark on a traveler’s map. As a landlocked nation, it has enjoyed relative isolation in the high mountains of the Himalayas.

photo by Jean-Marie Hullot

The Bhutanese government is highly protective of its native culture, and tourists visas are carefully issued. They introduced television and the Internet only in 1999, and had the first national parliamentary elections in 2007. This makes the country a fascinating, and remarkably and culturally intact, destination.

Willamette Intl Travel has had the opportunity to visit and send clients to this unique country. We recommend trying to catch a colorful festival or two while you’re there! Enjoy masked dances and local theatre that tell the tales of supernatural heroes and demons.

Bhutan has a rich culture of Buddhist traditions and local folklore, with old-style dress and customs widespread. The food remains earthy and true to its roots—try local mutton stew, yak butter, or the chili-infused ema datshi. Dozens of incredibly preserved monasteries and fortresses are still in active use. Don’t miss these architectural wonders—distinctive, square stone and woodworked buildings that are traditionally built without nails or iron bars.

Bhutan also has a variety of unspoiled natural wonders, from subtropical plains to grandiose mountains.  The spectacular north, dressed in Himalayan ranges, is in particular a must-see for any traveler.

As mentioned in our Winter newsletter, WIT Agent and Owner Christina has traveled to and explored Bhutan. If you’re interested in having a chat about Bhutan, call her up!

For some recommendations on vacations and/or flights to Bhutan, contact Willamette International Travel at info@wittravel.com or 503.224.0180.

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