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Classical Fat Tuesday Foods and Where to Eat Them

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Shrove Tuesday, or as it’s more popularly known Mardi Gras, is in less than two weeks! “Fat Tuesday” is traditionally the last day to enjoy rich, indulgent foods before Catholic Lent fasting.

Mardi Gras is celebrated all over the world in many shapes and forms. From the wild parades of New Orleans to Pancake Day in the UK to the pastry decadence in Scandinavia, people everywhere have something to celebrate. Here are some Classic Fat Tuesday Foods and Where to Eat Them: 


The King Cake. New Orleans buries itself in thousands of King Cakes come Mardi Gras week. “Les Galettes des Rois” is a jovial pastry, multicolored with yellow, purple and green frosting. Careful when you bite—trinkets are hidden within the dough. It’s said if you find the baby Jesus, you’ll be blessed with good fortune.

Where to Eat it? Rouses Market, 400 N Carrollton Ave. New Orleans. They boast a Super cinnamon-infused king cake and also a succulent cream cheese cake to make your mouth water.


Semla. The Swedish Semla is fortunately enjoyed the whole season just after Christmas time up to Shrove Tuesday. A delicious bun that is filled with almond paste and topped with a hefty spoonful of whipped cream.

Where to Eat It? Vetekatten, Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm. Local favorite Vetekatten offers fresh and moist buns that balance with light rich whipped cream.


Pancakes. The British Pancake Day originally popped up as a Pagan festival of Spring. The day is a time to use up all the flour and eggs in your pantry–and also, curiously enough, a day for races and relays all over London town. Look for the high-profile Parliamentary Pancake Race or the Flippin’ Good Pancake races at Greenwich Market.

Where to Eat it? My Old Dutch, 131-132 High Holborn, London. My Old Dutch restaurant is entirely devoted to pancakes and enjoys an annual queue come the holiday (so show up early).


Pączki. A delicious deep-fried pastry that heralds all the way from Poland. The Pączki is usually filled with jam, custard and marmalade and enjoyed by Polish communities all over the world.

Where to Eat it? Racine Bakery, 6216 S Archer Ave, Chicago. Other than Poland, the next best place to find Pączki is the Polish neighborhoods of Chicago. Racine Bakery offers 12 varieties of sweet-filled donuts.


Pea Soup. Iceland’s has appropriately dubbed Fat Tuesday as Sprengidagur, “Bursting Day.” Icelanders feast on pea soup and salted meats, to get their sodium intake in before fasting.

Where to Eat it? Reykjavik IKEA, Kauptún 4, 210 Gardabær. It may seem strange, but the Swedish IKEA store in Reykjavik has a fantastic salt-cured mutton and pea soup meal at just 2 ISK (2 cents) a pop.

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Top Experiences in: Brazil

Explore the Capital. Rio de Janeiro is famous for Ipanema beach, the Christ the Redeemer statue, samba and caipirinha cocktails. Wander old cobblestone streets and enjoy the gorgeous, sophisticated atmosphere. Attend a colorful samba show, take a cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain, and tour to the churches, squares, palaces and monasteries that define Brazilian heritage.

photo by Leandro Ciuffo

Attend Carnaval in Rio. The wildest festival in the world is held forty-six days before Easter. Join the throngs of dancers and performers, enjoy the parades of costumed delights, and attend the fairy-tale Copacabana Palace Ball.

Watch a Soccer Game at Maracanã Stadium. With the 2014 World Cup arriving in Rio, now’s the perfect time to get into the sport all Brazilians love with a passion! Catch a game at the biggest stadium in the world, and feel the game spirit in 78,000 of your neighbors.

photo by photos Gov/Ba

Wander Around Pelourinho. The charming, historic center of Salvador is home to delicately-crafted baroque churches and colonial architecture. Reflect on the solemn history of the city center, once the central plaza where African slaves once received punishment and discipline. Now you can walk around the district and enjoy fantastic cafes, live music, restaurants, gift shops and nightlife.

Kayak the Amazon. Join the thousands of naturalists and enthusiasts who have journeyed into the depths of the world’s largest rainforest. Speak with a knowledgeable guide, travel at your leisure, and prepare local meals of delicious freshwater fish. Rest away the hours of midday heat in a hammock, meet native tribes, and spy the forest’s wildlife treasures—monkeys, pigs, birds, macaws, and thousands more.

photo by Danielle Pereira

Admire the Sunset over the Lençóis Marahenses. The beauty of snow-white dunes interlaced with turquoise lagoons is incomparable. Travel to this national park of roughly 1500 square kilometers and marvel at the area’s natural, stark loveliness.

Salvador Bahia: The “Capital of Happiness,” Salvador is a popular carnival and party destination. Famed for easygoing inhabitants, vibrant music scene and colorful streets, it’s a fun and terrific stop on any tourist’s itinerary.

Spot Incredible Birds in the Pantanal. The Pantanal tropical wetland is famous for its avian diversity. The area sprawls over somewhere between a massive 54,000 and 75,000 square miles. Wander through the marshes on horseback and spot macaws, toucans, caimans, river otters, marsh deer, tapirs, red-footed tortoises, solitary eagles and capybaras. If you’re lucky, you may even spy the elusive jaguar and giant anteater.

photo by ana_ge

Trek around the Iguaçu Falls. We mentioned the Falls in a previous post, but it definitely deserves multiple mentions. One of the world’s natural wonders, the waterfalls at Iguaçuspan three countries and consists of 275 cascades. Enjoy a number of activities such as helicopter flights, river-rafting, rappelling, or forest hikes.

Our agents have traveled to Brazil and arranged tours and flights for clients for years. Enjoy the country before the crowds of FIFA and the Olympics swarm to Rio! Call us at 800.821.0401 or email info@wittravel.com for more information.

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