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WIT Agent’s Insider Look: Iceland’s East Fjords

This week we’re taking a close look at WIT Agent Wailana’s trip to Iceland in early October. Today we take a tour detour off the Ring Road to the enchanting East Fjords.


Photo by Wailana

The eastern edge of Iceland boasts long, narrow fjords with jagged peaks, natural harbors and lovely fishing villages. For the active traveler, there are terrific hiking routes and spectacular bird sanctuaries. Up until the 1970s or so, poorly maintained roads contributed to the intense feeling of ruralness one still feels on the coast. In the summertime, the fjords’ charming seaside communities come alive with festivals every week!


Photo by Wailana

Borgarfjörður Eystri

Also known as Bakkagerdi, this little town is set in between colorful rhyolite mountains on one side and the beautiful Dyrfjoll (door mountain) on the other. Bird-watchers can expect to see flocks of puffins, fulmars and kittiwakes. Stop by the picturesque turf house Lindarbakki, with its “hairy roof” and red walls. Legend has it the elf queen resides in Alfaborg, a rocky mound in the village.


Photo by Wailana


The main attraction here is the Steinasafn Petru, or Petra’s Stone Museum, a collection of minerals from all over East Iceland. Petra Sveinsdottir has been collecting these rocks since 1946, and showcases her beautiful crystals and stones in her home just below the harbor.


Photo by Wailana


This harbor town is one of the more picturesque, with wealthy wooden homes that were shipped to Iceland from Norway since the 19th century. Today, its huge harbor accommodate the Norrøna superferry, which operates mid-April to the end of September and links Iceland with the Faroe Islands and Denmark.

Fáskrúðsfjörður. This town has a special history with the French fishermen who settled here. You can see evidence of this relationship all over the town—street names are translated into French, there’s a French seamen cemetery, and French and Icelandic flags are flown side by side.


Photo by Wailana

Stay Tuned for Next Time: The North: Egilsstadir, Myvatn and Akureyri

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