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ISIC and IYTC cards

Summer is fast approaching and students are getting ready for their study abroad and exchange programs. So we are encouraging students to get their International Student Identification Cards as soon as possible. ISIC/IYTC cards allow you to receive great benefits and discounts all over the world, including internet, museums, hostels, tours, phone cards, language classes, etc.

Willamette International Travel issues the ISIC, International Youth Travel Cards (IYTC), and the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). We are the only local office that issues all 3 cards. Unlike some offices, we can also issue to youths independent of any university, and without the prerequisite of a purchase of airfare.

Youths must bring in a passport photo and a student ID (for ISIC) or a proof of age (for IYTC).

We can also assist youths in arranging airfare, travel insurance and youth rail passes.

Interested in picking up a card? Call Wailana at 1.503.224.0180 or email reception@wittravel.com. Want to stay up to date with travel info? Check out our facebook and twitter!

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