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Spotlight on: Melbourne

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Book your trip to Australia now–December is the height of summer, when the country bursts alive with festivals and venues.

Melbourne: Australia’s second largest city, it may as well be the capital when it comes to culture and design.

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No other city in the country has as much creative energy, as anyone can see in wealth of art indoor and out–from innovative art exhibitions and galleries, to the hipster-clad boutiques and iconic street art that dot the corners of this bustling cosmopolis.

This is a city buzzing with creativity. Graffiti itself as become so sophisticated in Melbourne that it has inspired a themed Google Maps site, Melbourne Graffiti Walks. Check out more art at the Australian Center for Contemporary Art, displaying marvelous exhibitions on cutting-edge visual arts.

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If you’re feeling hip, head down the block to Gertrude Street, to shop some truly eclectic designs. Or wander down Rose Street Artist’s Market on the weekend, where artists and designers pitch their quirky and one-of-a-kind wares to passersby.

If you’re needing to slow it down a notch, head to one of the city’s may parks. Melbourne isn’t dubbed the “Garden City” for nothing. For a glimpse of some spectacular flora–including cacti, bamboo, orchids and more–head over to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Dinnertime yet? Hop on a tram to one of the suburbs: St. Kilda, Fitzroy, Richmond or South Yarra, to sample succulent dishes from poached crayfish to double-roasted duck at casual but tasteful restaurants.

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In the evening, be sure to check out the unforgettable view of a starlit sky on the 360-degree Eureka Sky Deck. If you dare, you can step out onto “The Edge,” a glass-floored platform about 300m from the ground!

Melbourne is a terrific destination to explore new scenes, and we highly recommend adding it to your Australia trip. And if you’re in the area early March, don’t miss the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival–an exciting 2-week long celebration of yummies!

Melbourne has many big events that sell out months if not a year in advance. Accommodation during these hot events are also limited. It’s not too early to book for 2016! Book soon and reserve your seat!

Melbourne Cup: Nov 3, 2015 or Nov 1, 2016

Australian Open Tennis: January 18-31, 2016

Food & Wine Festival: Feb – March, 2016

Remember–book Australia now for travel in November to February! Several of our agents have traveled all around Australia and would love to organize your dream trip to this amazing continent!

Call 503-224-0180 or email info@wittravel.com today!

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