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That One Item

photo by mroach

We asked our staff here at WIT, “What’s that one item you never leave home without?” Here are our answers:

“I take Bose headphones to suppress the noise on planes…it is amazing how much less tired you are if you aren’t subjected to the plane noise the entire way.” –Linda

“My Rick Steves packing cubes. My sense of humor!!” —Christina

“A notepad. Great for recording addresses of that tasty restaurant or emails of fellow travelers.” —Wailana

“I love my little Kia fold-up shopping bag – it’s only about 3 inches square, fits great into my purse, and comes in handy when I’m out shopping or just wanting to carry a little something extra during the day. My other ‘can’t leave behind’ is a bottle of sunscreen – I get burned just walking across a parking lot!” —Pam

“Sufficient clothes so I  can focus on traveling, not laundry. Small travel clock.  Few cruises include a clock in the cabins. And I don’t have to figure out strange alarm clocks in hotel rooms (bonus – check your room’s alarm clock setting before going to bed; full blast radio station at 2AM is heart stopping). Books to read & then leave with cruise ship and hotel staff.  Especially in remote destinations, they are gratefully received.” —Nancy

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