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Vendor of the Month: G Adventures

Top 3 Highlights

In celebration of Earth Month, we will take a closer look at our vendor of the month, G Adventures, and its nonprofit, Planeterra.

Willamette International Travel is proud to be a partner of G Adventures. This exceptional company offers unique travel opportunities that combine small, escorted tours with cultural immersion, tailoring trips to your taste and budget. Here are WIT’s Top 3 Highlights of G Adventures:

1.     Customization

No matter your tastes, G Adventures can offer you the type of travel you prefer. Their team of experts can customize any trip for you regardless if your niche; services range from youth travel, outdoor activities, overland, polar expeditions, family travel, to Limited Edition themed itineraries offering activities from from biking and hiking to rafting and touring festivals. They also work with partners Discovery Channel and Canada Goose to add exclusive excursions to explore wildlife and landscapes while accompanied by teams of naturalists and historians. With such a variety in focus, destinations, and services, there’s bound to be a G Adventures trip for everyone.

2.      Immersion

G Adventures strives to create unique opportunities, weaving in the unexpected and the meaningful with any one excursion. They encourage travelers to step outside the box, to immerse and involve themselves with their host culture. Their trips can include activities ranging from culinary delights, language lessons, market visits, to wildlife safaris, catamaran sailings, swimming, tastings, visits to architectural masterpieces, and even riding elephants. Each trip is fully escorted in small groups averaging 10 people, allowing for members to have a truly intimate and informed experience.

3.      Accessibility

To find out more what G Adventures can offer, check out their website. They showcase an impressive homepage, easy to navigate and connect through social media channels. One of the main features is their blog, the Looptail Beta, which includes postings from so-called “Wanderers in Residence” – travel bloggers from around the world who reveal their home bases in a series of lively pictures, captivating prose and surprising anecdotes. In 2012, these bloggers have started working with G Adventures’ offshoot project, Planeterra.


Planeterra is a nonprofit that promotes voluntourism—merging volunteering with travel. They aim to connect concerned travelers—looking for an immersive and productive experience beyond mere “observational” travel—with the preservation, support and development of places and people.

As stated on their website, “We take a serious, holistic look at how we can help these iconic destinations emerge from being exploited, to using the tools it takes to support happy communities living with proper healthcare, education, and protected environments. This means finding better jobs, sending their children to better schools, drinking cleaner water and caring for their environment.”

Travelers assist in cultural and environmental programs for a period of 3-7 days before or after heading out on the sightseeing leg of their trip. Volunteers can visit and participate in the Bifengxia Panda Breeding Centre, the Conservation and Community Tourism Project on Phra Thong Island, the NGO New Hope in Cambodia, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Cape Peninsula and Thailand schools, conservation projects protecting Costa Rica sea turtles, and many others.

Thinking of going on a G Adventure or participating in a Planeterra Project? Willamette International Travel have travel agents on hand who have worked with this unique travel company. Call us at 503.224.0180 or email us at info@wittravel.com.

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